Thursday, December 23, 2010

Simple Sewn Gift Bags, a Tutorial

Ugh. I have a love hate relationship with wrapping. I like the wrap if it's easy, but when its impossible I start to stray away and think outside the box.

That's what happened with this gift. It didn't come in a box, it is breakable, and in no way shape or form would it have been easy to wrap.  So I decided why not sew up a little drawstring bag to gift it in!

Fabric of Choice ( I used Fleece, because I had it on hand, and it was the right size!)
Sewing Necessities

Decide how big you need your bag and if you want it wider or taller.  I chose taller so I made my bag twice as tall as I needed and wide enough for my present. For example, my gift is about 10 inches wide, so I did 12 wide.  And my gift is 15 inches tall so I did 20 inches tall.

Next fold you fabric in half. Make sure you go the right way!  I want seams on my sides, not my bottom. Sew each side.

Fold down top edge.  Make sure it is big enough to hold whatever ribbon/cording you will use later.

Flip back so it is right side out.  Then, I used my seam ripper and made 4 holes.  Two for the front of the bag, and two for the back.  They are about a half in away from the seams.

See?  There is a hole on each side of the seam ( the right on is a little harder to see, but it's there!)
Because  I used Fleece that won't fray, I do not need to make button holes first.  If  you use any other "frayable"fabric you would make 4 button holes. And then cut them open.

Thread your ribbon/cording through the front. 

See how it goes in one side of the front and out the other? And then go on the back, and do the same thing.

How each side will look.  

Cinch shut, and tie a bow on each side!

Ah. Another present wrapped nice and safe!

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