Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yarn Hearts

The other day, as I was looking for a new yarn project to work on, I thought about Valentines day. After doing a Ravelry search, I didn't find anything I really wanted to make.  So what to do?  Well make something up. Here's what I came up with!

Cute?  And really easy!

I started with one pipe cleaner to make one heart. 
(The picture shows the three steps I took to make one heart)

First I bent the pipe cleaner in half.

Second, I bent near the half way mark to make the curved part of the heart.

Third, I pulled the ends together and twisted to connect.

Now, If I  had pink, white or red pipe cleaners I could have been done and just stuck these around the house, but *sigh* green was all I had. So, to my yarn stash I went!  Using some doubled up yarn ( single did not cover the green) I single crocheted around until it was full!  Now, if you do not crochet you could probably do the same thing by wrapping the yarn around the heart instead.  

Now, go on, make a bunch and hang all over!  Super simple!

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  1. Perfect! Thank you for sharing with Fibers on Friday!


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