Thursday, August 11, 2011

Upcycled: Hoodie to Hat and Booties

Just yesterday, I shared with you my Hoodie to Sleep Sack. 
Today I am sharing what else I did with that hoodie.

Not wanting to throw what was left of the scraps. I had two sleeves and a hood left,
 I went through some of my patterns that I had when Carter was a baby. 
And I came across one of my favorites!

This pattern is so super easy, so much so that I pin everything together and 
only sew one seam all the way around the sole and I am done!  
Especially when I used existing seams where I would normally add a hem!

Then I just traced a newborn hat on one of my sleeves, and there you have a hat! 
Super simple quick sewing. 
Exactly what my patience had in order!

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