Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Car Bag Organizer

Are you like me and feel like your always looking for a plastic bag when in the car?

I feel like I am always looking for a bag to either stick garbage, or corral items to take into the house. 
But now I have a place for the bags ( other than in a plastic bag, that they fall out of. 
Or in the trunk and when I open the trunk and its windy and they go flying out into the parking lot.)

After seeing this on pinterest, I knew this would be perfect! 
Not only did it cost me nothing, it was a quick fix too!

It took me longer to gather my supplies!
Paper, empty wipe container, tape, scissors!

Roll paper around wipes container, cut to size! There was a groove on my container, so I measured that (6 inches) and cut  my scrapbook (12x12 paper) in half. Taped at the center seam.

Added a strip of yellow paper to hide my tape.
Used a cute flower sticker to then hide that piece of tape.

Filled with plastic bags and put in my car! 
Yea! No more chasing after plastic bags in parking lots!

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  1. Love this idea! I have bags the car, my desk at work, my pumping bag, the laundry room, etc. So nice to have them organized!


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