Friday, January 6, 2012

Lifesaver: Dustpan as Scoop

Another tip to save you time, money and some frustration.

I went to put something in the chest freezer the other day, and noticed a lot of ice buildup.  So I emptied out the freezer and got to work. Using a spatula I got most of the ice off the walls of the freezer.  But then I had a ton of ice in the bottom of the freezer.  After freezing my hands off for a while, I then realized I needed a scoop.

As I walked away from my freezer I bumped into my broom and dustpan and that was it!
I washed it off, and started scooping. Saved my hands and time! Perfect!

What ordinary kitchen utensils have you used for not so ordinary circumstances?

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  1. This one is a VERY strange repurpose of kitchen items but I wanted to share because it really solved a problem we had. Our aging cat was great at getting her front half in the litter box but her rear end didn't always follow and she'd pee just outside the opening of the box. Then to make matters worse, she'd refuse to use the box as long as there was urine at the door. You can imagine what that meant if she made the mess at 10 at night and we didn't discover the problem until morning. Well, I bought a small brownie pan (that's what the label called it) and a cookie cooling rack that fit perfectly over the top of the pan. I put some litter in the pan, clamped on the cooling rack and placed it at the door of her litter box. From then on out, when she peed outside the box, it was into the brownie pan through the cooling rack grid so she didn't have a problem getting to the box the next time she had to go. The mess was contained!

    Kitchen items at their finest. :)


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