Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Organized: Pantry & Freezer!

I wish I had a house with perfect storage spaces! 
Our home was built in the 1800's and it has only 2 closets!
So little by little we have cut out spaces to add storage with the pantry being one of them!

And while adding the pantry gave me lots of storage space, I wasn't using it to it's full potential.

Then a friend got me completely addicted to these containers.
Yup, the Chinese soup containers.
Except, these are new. 
She bought them through a restaurant supplier and gave me some. 

I love that the tops fit both the 2 cup and 4 cup bottom. 
I love that they stack.
And have been using them everywhere. 

Now, when I go shopping I get rid of the boxes, and pour them into the containers. 
And, whats better less waste when cooking pasta!
The small container holds 4 servings of pasta! Perfect!

Then I got thinking about it. Why not freeze in them?
No more slimy bags to buy and then just throw out, when freezing and defrosting meat.
 And all the juices are confined to a container that can be washed and reused!
I even froze individual servings of soup!

I've been tempted to label them, but since they are clear. It's not needed. It may add a cute factor but... I'm emptying and refilling with so many different things it would be more of a hassle.

Have any favorite storage containers? Or am I out of my mind?

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