Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organizes: Under the Kitchen Sink

With keeping up with my goals for the year, I started out with a bang!
New Year's Day morning I got to work. 
Under my Kitchen sink.
I thought, a little project to boost my confidence. 
And it worked!

Here's what my poor under the sink looked like. 
It was ridiculous!

So first things first, empty it out.
And add sticky tiles leftover from a previous floor remodel.

Next start categorizing, and throwing out!
I put all our dog grooming and care items in this caddy.
Perfect for when I want to groom him indoors or out. 
Just grab and go!

Then replace what I am keeping!
On the left I put all my microfiber cloths, extra sponges, cleaning gloves and Dishwasher soap.
On the right, all my cleaning supplies. 
Garbage bags in the box they came in fit perfectly in the middle!
So much better!

Need a reminder?
A before and after perhaps?

And I have to say, it's been a couple weeks and it is still looking this good!

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