Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cooks: Pumpkin Ricotta Mini Pancakes

Need something light for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning? Try these!

A couple weeks back I saw Anne Burrell on the Today Show sharing these mouth watering pancakes.
And since I feel like I am always watching my weight, I was curious how "bad" they were.

After punching in the recipe on myfitnesspal, I made my mini pancakes using a cookie scoop and counted as I went. When I ever punched in that I made 56 servings and the calories came out to be 37 each! I was blown away! The flavor is amazing, and they don't  even need syrup! They really didn't even need whipped cream either, it was just for show!

At first the recipe looked intimidating because you have to whip the egg whites to peak, but if you have a stand mixer it was simple. You make your batter, then fold in the peaked eggs. Don't overfold or your batter won't be light and airy!

You can pan cook these as you normally make pancakes, 

or  put the batter in a mini muffin pan! 
The airy batter looked like so much, I felt I would be flipping the pancakes forever! 
The muffins tasted better than they looked ( they didn't puff up like I expected)

Want to make your own? Here's the recipe!
Want to save the recipe to your myfitnesspal? Click here!

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