Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Ellie!

It's amazing how life changes.
When we had Carter's first birthday, we rented a hall and invited everyone we knew.
I went all out with the Ocean One-derland theme, coordinating the food, the decorations you name it.

Since then, I've stepped away from Pinterest and all the perfect parties and became more realistic.
It's one day, one birthday. 
We invite fewer people, I make less food, and I know I enjoy it more!
I'm not as stressed to throw a picture perfect party, and then forget to take pictures anyway!

For Ellie's 2nd Birthday, we went with Frozen. She loves it.
 So much so I had to mail the DVD back to Disney for replacement!

For Ellie's invites I found these great free printable invites and party accessories!
Since I send mine through email I put it in photoshop to add my text.
I ended up not being able to match the font, so I erased what was there and replaced half of it with a font on  my computer so that it all matched.

For the other half, I found Ice Kingdom that matches the font/graphic used for FROZEN. 
(Of course, two weeks after I make the invite, I cannot find the link to where I downloaded it!)
(It was a free font download, and in my font book on my computer it comes up as Ice Kingdom)

Another fun touch I did was I found these,
 and in photoshop added Happy Birthday Ellie, or Ellie is 2! Or my favorite...

I printed them out on full sheets of paper, and just hung amongst the streamers throughout the house.

To finish off the decorations I purchased these balloons, so worth it!
 They are still floating today on her actual birthday, 5 days after we bought them! 
Once they deflate, I will be trying to cut the big one in half, to see if I can hang it like to portraits on her wall! 

Lastly, my sister made another amazing cake! 

{we need to get better about taking pictures of her cakes! They are amazing, and none of our pics do them justice!}

We had trouble finding little figures that we can put on the cake, so she printed and laminated her own!
Worked perfect, and Ellie had been playing with them like they are little paper dolls!

She made a mini "wedding" cake so to speak, then a sugar cube staircase, and icicles out of blue and white candy melts! I love that I never have to worry about my kids cakes, I tell her the theme and she runs with it! 

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