Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Money Saver and A Piece of Mind...

Do you have a printer that has a different ink cartridge for each and every color? I do. And sometimes when you just want a black document it just will not print because a color (that you do not need to use!) is out. Ugh. It always seems to happen when I am in a bind and need something printed yesterday! So... I got thinking, I wonder if I could trick the sensor? Well I did!

I have kept a couple of my inks because I swear there is still ink in there, you can still hear it! So, I kept it and when I couldn't print, I stuck the old one back in and it tricked the sensor in the printer enough to let me select Black Ink Only and I was able to print my Word Document without using the color inks!

I know its a pretty small thing, but sometimes those are the best discoveries!