Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Under the Sink "Drawer" Hideaway!

Today I am so excited to share this Home improvement with you!  

It's funny how I came about wanting to do this, so let me share quick! I was under my sink cleaning out empty bottles of cleaners and such, when I saw just how little was holding my fake drawer up.  Then I saw in a flyer for a local lumber company ( that my husband actually works for) how much it would be in a new cabinet.  And then I couldn't stop thinking about it!

This project took me an hour or two to complete, and that was with a bunch of interruptions!

And you won't believe how little it cost to do!  I know this is a feature in newer homes, and they want a pretty penny for it!  And, I was able to do this for under $5! Can you believe it? I am still in awe!

I picked up a set of hinges for $2.50, and then two magnetic catches for .97 each.

Want to make yourself a little sponge hideaway?  

First look to see how your drawer face is attached. Mine had very little. I started wiggling by hand and ended up using a butter knife to help finish prying it apart.  Just a couple staples where holding mine in place!

Now your cabinet should look like this!

See how I have a left "compartment" and a right "compartment"?
I put one catch and one hinge in each "compartment"

The first thing I did was attach my magnetic catches. 
Screw your metal plate into the top of your new opening.

Then line up the part that will go on your drawer.
I did this for the left and right "compartment"

Line up your cabinet so that it is back where it was before you took it off. 
Make sure you center it.
Either hold it with one hand or ask for help, and then go under the sink and mark where your catches needs to go.

Line up your catch and screw into place.  
Repeat for second catch.

Now our hinges. 
Attach your hinges into your opening. 
Again, I did two. One for each "compartment".

Hold your drawer front up to opening, folding hinge against the drawer front to mark where you need hinge to go.

Attach hinges to drawer front. And you are pretty much DONE!

I screwed two skinny plastic baskets that I had laying around.
(they are pretty common and come in two packs, I think I got these in a dollar store one time)

Now I have a nice out of sight place for my sponges, and  bottle brush!  

Another to do off the list! I have a couple more ideas brewing for adding some storage to my 70's kitchen. Plus I really want to paint those cabinets! 
Hurry up Spring! I need to be able to open up my windows and get painting!

What do you think? Think you could tackle this in your own kitchen?