Friday, October 28, 2011

Organized: Routines

Remember I wanted to get into a routine?

Well, for certain parts of our day I didn't want to have to verbally remind Carter one million times what he needed to do. So I made some visual reminders instead!
Super simple chart I designed on the computer, printed on yardstick!
The cardstock holds up really well, and if you are feeling extra motivated you could laminate it too!

Last night was the first night we used the bedtime routine visual, and he was hooked. 
He had to keep repeating what we did, and needed to do. 
I felt like it made bed go a little more smoothly ( read that as, no jumping on mommy and daddy's bed)

So Today, Carter and I whipped up this one. A meal time routine. 
And yes. He needs to be reminded twice to sit. 

What routines do you have at home? What works? What doesn't? 

Caring for two little boys has created a organizing monster ( more so than before) and I feel labels and visuals are good for not just Carter but also helps Daddy reinforce what we have done all day!