Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dyeing Cotton T's with Kool Aid

Do you know how hard it is to find a simple long sleeve plain onesie? How about one that's a solid color? All I needed was a dark red onesie, no ruffles  (it's for Wyatt) no designs, just plain. 

Wow. Harder than I thought. 

So I picked up a pack of onesies, and some Kool Aid 
( where I was didn't have dye, I thought I would save myself a trip),

To Dye with Kool Aid, I decided to use my crock pot. I saw this tutorial on how to dye yarn so I thought it would work with a onesie too. 
And I found this tutorial with what flavors make what colors.

First, I put my T in my crockpot and turned on HIGH.

Next I covered the onesie with water, and walked away for an hour. 
I wanted the onesie to not have any dry spots for the Koolaid to not adhere to.

After the onesie was wet and warm, I added in my Kool Aid. Because I wanted a red and not pink, I put in more than one pack of Kool Aid.  At first I put in a Tropical Punch, and it was very light, and I knew in my gut it would be pink. So I then added TWO Black cherry packets.  

Then I walked away for 2 days! I would turn the crock pot on an off periodically.

Here's what I got. 

Yawn. By looking at the onesie in the Kool Aid I really thought it would be darker. Bummer.

I guess the moral of this story is: 
 If you want deep dark colors go with dye.

If you don't care what color you come out with and if you are getting kids involved. 

Try different fabrics.
 I thought Cotton would be the easiest. I guess not.