Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's not too early... start planning your garden! 
(I'm in NY, and my zone is 5b)

According to I should have four plants started from seed already!  
(I've got three out of four started! Tomatoes, Leeks and Green Peppers!)

Well, being the frugal woman that I am I decided I was going to use what I had to start my seedlings. 

First I saw these (can you guess where?). 
So I started saving some of my k cups, but realized they were kinda of small. 
And it would take forever to collect how many I would need. 

Then I saw these
So I got to work.

Gathered my supplies, some newspaper, tape and a template (the can).

Folded my piece of newspaper in half the long way, placed my can halfway across and rolled.

Put a small piece of tape.

Fold down the bottom. Tape.

And you have a biodegradeable pot! I plan on taking the tape off before I plant.
But when your seedling is ready for the garden, you just dig your hole and place the entire newspaper pot in your garden!

And in now time I had four pots! Now I'm just waiting for my seedlings to get a little bigger so I can seperate them into pots! And you can write on the side what's in them!