Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Add "Pin it" button to Posts.

A while back I added the Pin It button to the bottom of my posts. 

And there are actually two ways to do it!  First the super simple way.  

Go over to Pinterest.

Once your signed in, go to the About Tab, and Click Pin It Button.

You'll be at the Goodies page, scroll down until you see this:

Fill in your info:

Then highlight, and copy your code.
 (It will update as you fill in your info)

Now to get it into ALL of your posts. Not just the one your working on.

Go to your blogger dashboard.  Click Settings>Posts and Comments.

Now in the Post Template box, paste your code.  
If you want it before your signature put the code at the top of the box, 
if you want it under your signature scroll to the bottom.  

Click Save Settings.

Now go start a new post and you will see your new Pin it Button!

(Now, in the post editor it looks just like a link, but when I clicked preview it was correct!)

Now, If you don't want to see the "Pin it" button in your posts, and want them underneath your going to have to take the code you copied from pinterest and add it to your html. 

 To edit your html in blogger you need to go to your dashboard, and have your code from pinterest ready.

Then click Template.

 Then click, Edit HTML.

Then you will get a warning, and I will warn you too. 
You can mess your blog up with the littlest error.  Trust me. So copy and paste your entire html in a word document before you start editing,  just in case something goes wrong!

I added my code to my html, and honestly, I don't even know where I put it! Ha! 

But it's easy to find!  
See the box next to Expand Widget Templates?  Click it.

Using your keyboard hold down apple + f (so that you get the find option in your browser)

and look for:

Now paste your code beneath that! 

Save your template, and check to see if it works. If not, get your code from the word document and try again! 

Hope this helps you, if your looking to add a Pin it button!  
If you know how to add a signature to your posts, then you can add the easy Pin it button! 
The only reason I didn't add it in my posts was because I wanted the facebook like button, but I may be changing that too!

Make sure to either Pin this post, or comment here if this helps you out!



  1. Thanks for sharing. I have been sick all week so I am just getting around to trying.

    1. Your welcome! Hope your feeling better, and that it worked for you!


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