Thursday, February 4, 2010

Plastic Favor bags

Have you ever priced Clear Plastic Favor bags? Wow! For what they are, they can be a little pricey... Especially if you buy them in the craft stores... But then, while in the Party store I found 25 bags for 1.99! I was so happy with the price but not the size.. I knew I wouldnt fill them and that I would cut them down, but all that waste...

So I got thinking, is there a way to seal the top, and then cut it in half? YES! The Foodsaver!  Now, if only I had one! Well... I know someone who does, so a quick phone call just made my 1.99 for 25, 1.99 for 50! Score!

Here's how I did it!

Take your bag and place in Foodsaver's heat element ( no need for vacuum) and seal the top closed. So it looks like this...

Then, fold in half and cut! 

Sorry for the bad photos! Plastic is not very easy to capture especially at night!

Now, I am off to fill these with some Ocean Themed Goodies... Any ideas?

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