Monday, March 1, 2010

Kid's Cup Leash

Months ago, I saw this tutorial when my son was too small for sippy cups and put it on my to do list...We are making a trip to NYC this weekend and I thought this might be very helpful...  Now as I made my own I did things a little differently... So I thought I would share!

Ashley used velcro, and I used snaps. I never have luck with velcro, it always seems to come off somehow, so I used snaps, and this was a first and I will use them again... Just use a pair of pliers and squeeze them where needed...  She used shelf liner as her grippy, I used hot glue, an idea I saw here... Enough about how I came about this idea...  here's what I did.

Using a piece of fabric about 2 1/2" wide and 140 inches long, I sewed it right sides together, turned and ironed it nice and flat. ( Ironing it flat helped me with positioning my elastic)

Next, I measured out 15" of elastic that would fit inside my tube.

Then using a safety pin I pulled my elastic towards the center of my tube.

Using the sippy cup that I use daily, I wrapped it around marking where I needed my snaps. For my cup it was about 8" apart. I added my snaps using needle nose pliers.

I then pulled my elastic next to the second snap and pinned in place.

Then I went to the other end of my tube and placed two more snaps about 5 inches apart so that I can snap it to my stroller.  If you are using a stroller that has the car seat, you may need to place these farther apart, I am using this stroller and the frame is thinner than our bigger stroller.

Finally, I took my hot glue gun and added some drops to create a little bit of a grip.

That's it! All done! 

I even used this in the grocery store. That way I did not have to worry about losing, yet another, cup...

You can easily adjust this for other strollers and cups, just by adjusted your measurements.  I see one for every different style cup in our future...  It is always the smallest things that help throughout your day!