Friday, May 28, 2010

A Gift For Baby S!

I know, I am a little crazy, knitting in the heat! But I will say that I work mostly at night inside with the air or a fan on... So does that make me a little less crazy? Anyways, back to Baby S's gift...

Lately, I have noticed that I am surrounded by a baby boom. I believe that I know about a dozen women expecting!  So, I have started crafting up a storm for each of them...  Because we know that Baby S is a boy, I finished out my knit blanket with a blue crocheted edge...

Taking after my sister, and using a pattern she loved.. So Simple too!

CO 100
Repeat you have a square ( roughly 20 rows)

Then begin to work opposite of what you see for 20 rows, and repeat back and forth creating the pattern... Hope that makes sense!  (leave a comment if it doesn't, and I can explain it better!)

My baby blanket it 5 squares by 6 squares, to finish the blanket off I single crocheted in the edge of the blanket once.

I hope this will keep Baby S warm this fall!

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