Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I wish I had gotten this up to share late last week, so that others could make it!  But this weekend flew to fast to sit down and post... Sorry!

I saw lots of cute father's day ideas incorporating a tie, but my husband is not a tie person.  After showing the cute tie banners to my sister, she even commented " Too bad our husbands don't wear ties!"  So.. I got thinking what do they like? And I thought perfect... The Nut and Wrench banner!

I didn't think to take pictures step by step, but here is what I did:

Found a nut clip art online, traced it right off my screen ( then I knew exactly what size I was getting)

Then cut out 15 nuts for my letters using white card stock. ( Nice and stiff)

Using tin foil I wrapped each one to make them look like metal.

Then using a jar lid I traced circles for the centers.

Painted each circle black.

When back in once black was dry and painted on letters ( You could use stamps or cut out letters too!)

Then I took my three hole punch and made two of them close together to make even spaced holes. I like two holes in a banner because it lets them lay flat...

I know random, why just this pic?

Threaded with white ribbon, spaced and cut to size.


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