Friday, June 25, 2010

Recipes being organized...

Remember this pile last week of magazine articles, and recipes?

Well I am trying my best to thin out so... I got working on my recipes!

In Word, I created a 4 x 6 document ( Thats how big my recipe box holds) and I started typing each recipe.  Not only will it make them email-able to friends and family, but I also realized that I don't really need some of them, so I didn't type them in!

Did you know you can create different size documents in Word?  All you need to do is go to File>Page Setup. This will open a new box.   Here's what it looks like on my Mac.

Then I changed the size to 6 wide and 4 tall.

See? Now my paper is only as big as my recipe box!  Now I just have to send some plain white index cards through my printer and I have some new recipes, that are easy to read too!

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