Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Boy Pants!

I found this really adorable flannel remnant at my local Joann's for less than $1!

So, I thought I would whip up a pair of little boy pants, for my favorite little boy!

It's not as hard as you may think... Let me show you.

First, find a pair of pants that fit ( or are a little big) and fold one leg inside the other.  Then plan out where to lay it on your fabric.

Here's what mine looked like, but you need two so, cut one more!

Next, I hemmed my bottoms. That way they are done and out of the way, and its a lot easier to hem a straight line than to fit that tiny leg hole on your sewing machine!

Next fold your pieces right side together, to create the legs.  Now sew from your hemmed bottom to the beginning of you crotch area.  (Click photo to enlarge if you need to know where to start and stop your seam)

Repeat on other leg, and turn on leg right side out. 

Now, take your right side out leg, and stuff it up your other one. Just like in the next photo.

Then line up your curved seams,  and sew. Then add a hem on the top, insert your elastic and your done! 

( Sorry, I forgot to take pictures!) If you need help leave a comment, and I can work on another pair to show you!  OR look at your original pair to see how they were finished!

Let your little one run around in them and see just how cute they came out!