Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Something for me, for once!

I am always creating for others, but sometimes I want to create for me. So. I picked up this pattern for $2.99 (Score!) and the fabric for only a couple bucks.

I did it! I made something for me. Except. This pattern runs pretty small. I followed the pattern and sewing directions to a T, and this came out about 4 sizes too small.  My sister is about 4 sizes smaller than me, and she was able to put it on no problem. Ugh.  What a bummer.  I haven't decided if I am ripping it out and adding a panel, or putting it in the closest for a skinnier day.  Ha!  Here it is in all it's cuteness!  

Overall, the pattern was a breeze.  The skirt is six panels, with a waistband that is lined with fabric and interfacing, and a zipper.  The directions were very clear too. I made a dress last december and those pattern directions were horrendous!  My Home Ec Teacher friend couldn't even understand what they were asking!  

If you interested in a really cute skirt. Here's the Pattern Info: Simplicitiy 2410

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