Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Bedroom!

In an effort to show you all the finish product, I will be showing each day this week, little things that I have made for our bedroom overhaul! And in the end, I will show you the final product!

Today I am sharing, something old made into something new!

We finally decided to get a new bedroom set, our bedroom "set" before consisted of mismatched furniture from my husband and I before we were even dating, making our room a mismatched mess for way too long.

We began  by purchasing (YAY!) our first set!  Which led to a whirlwind tour of crafting to go with it!

Here is our headboard before:

All in all it was a beautiful four post bed, but our house has the peaked ceilings upstairs, so it never really fit right.  But being the sentimental person that I am, didn't want to see it go. So I took the metal piece out, and gave it a nice bright coat of paint!

I picked my colors using my focal point, my gorgeous wedding quilt. ( Which I will do a post about this week too!)

After the coat of paint, I used some watered down brown craft acrylics, working into all the crevices. Wiping most of it off, only leaving it in the crevices.

And there it is hanging on the wall!  It looks great right above our new bed!  I love when I can upcycle something!  

Make sure to look for it during the big reveal!

Can't wait to share the next piece in my bedroom puzzle!


  1. Clever! I love the color of green!

  2. Great idea! Love when someone thinks outside the box. I personally can't but appreciate that others can!


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