Friday, October 1, 2010


As my garden is ending, I am thinking all about my dirt. I felt this year, for numerous reasons, my garden did not do as well as others.  The biggest, the dirt. I've gardened in the same patch for three years now, and am feeling like it needs some help whether it be manure or compost.

So I have done a bunch of research about composting and how to get started, and came across this interesting fact. You can add all your dryer lint to your compost heap.

Which led to this... Replanting one of my indoor plants.

I was combining two plants into one, and realized I didn't have enough potting soil to fill my larger pot!

But I did have all that dryer lint I was saving for my compost pile!

Plant right on top!


  1. I had no idea! I have a bag of lint that I was going to throw away as usual but now I will just toss it in the compost pile. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Who knew lint had a purpose? Great info! Thanks

  3. Excellent tip. I'll be sure to use it next time my ginormous spider plants needs to be repotted.


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