Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One Down One To Go!

After making my first ever pair of socks, I am hooked!  I love how portable of a project it was, 5 teeny needles, and one teeny ball of yarn.  I could fit this project in a quart sized plastic baggie if I needed too!

If you are looking for a great portable project socks are the way to go! But then, you think just socks? How about a cute pair of booties. That are not only portable but quick! One bootie took about three hours.  Perfect for watching ( listening) to a movie, or a long car ride!

I used this pattern, that I found through Ravelry. Are you all familiar with Ravelry?  At last weekends Craft Fair ( more on that later this week) I got talking to a couple people who Knit and Crochet, but didn't know about Ravelry!  I was so excited to tell them about it, because it is such a great resource!

That's the yarn I am using, The blue variegated is from the Dollar Store! Can you believe it! It's Sock yarn, and no name brand but too cute to pass up!  And the light blue is a Bernat baby Yarn, and I am just pull from both balls at once.

Anyone working on some Knit projects for the holidays? If so, leave a comment I would love to see what your working on, and get some ideas.