Friday, December 3, 2010

Felt Snowflake Runner

Now that we have decorated for Christmas, my dining room table looks bare.  We had a fall runner with spiders and pumpkins for Halloween, and then took the spiders away for Thanksgiving. So, now it was empty and I wanted something for Winter.  So I thought snowflakes and got to work!

It all started out with a simple trip to Joann's during their 3 day sale after Thanksgiving. The felt by the yard was on sale for $2.49 and I couldn't pass it up! So I picked up the felt for my stockings and some for my runner.  Now what can I do with white? Snowflakes all winter long! Perfect!

First things first, decide how big you want your runner.  Mine is 18" x 64".  I based my short side off of the width of my freezer paper.  Here's why:  If you iron a piece of freezer paper to your felt, you can draw on it, and then it stabilizes your felt and makes for less shifting and stretching while working with it.

Then,  I started by practicing my snowflake cutting skills!  It took a couple tries to figure out what I liked, and then it took a couple tries to figure out what would look best on the felt.

(In hindsight, I wish I stuck with this snowflake. It would have made more connections making my runner less floppy.)

Once I was happy with my design, I began planning out how I wanted them laid out on my felt. 

 I also drew a 3" border around my edge as my base.

Then I began cutting! And cutting! And cutting!

Once you get all your pieces cut out, your done. A no sew project!  Here is mine on my table!

Now, a question for you!  Should I leave it as is? Or add a color of felt underneath?

Since I have more jewel tones for my colors I would like to stick to them... Any suggestions?  
Turquoise? Fuchsia? Orange? Lime? Red? Light Blue?