Monday, February 21, 2011

Playing Dress up...

Back near the beginning of the New Year, I picked up this planner.  
 Plain, Grey, Boring. 

 But it seemed to be a good planner in the aspect of big areas to write in, not to clunky, etc.  So it was a keeper. But being a keeper it needed a makeover.

The first thing I did was cut "Agenda" divider out. But I wanted to be able to pop it back in too, so I snipped each box open.

See? Now, I can put the agenda tab at my currant day for a quick open to today tab.

Next, beautifying my planner.  Using some cute scrapbook paper, I just glued a piece to the front of my planner.

Next, I trimmed it down to size, and repeated for the back.

Here you can see the front and back together.

Much better, now to figure out how to make some pockets to hold 
some of my loose paperwork that has to be in it!

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