Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crochet Chrysanthemum

Last week I met with my Crochet class, 
and they brought in this pattern from Michaels ( it was a freebie) 
so I walked them through it.  
It's the Chrystanthemum Dishcloth. Cute? No?  
I only had acrylic yarn on me, so I used that but its meant to 
be a dishcloth so normally you would use cotton.

Chrysanthemum Dishcloth

The only part that was strange was the edging, 
to make them look like petals you do that at the very end. 
Not hard, just not what I expected looking at the picture.

When I went looking for the pattern online, 
I found they have quite the selection of Free Crochet Patterns
Thought I would share.

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