Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Upcycled: Fleece Hoodie to Sleep Sack

Have you ever seen a sleep sack?
I have a couple pairs of baby jammies that have the sack bottoms and love them in the winter.

While cleaning a couple weeks ago I came across a Fleece Hoodie that was too short, but didn't want to throw it away.  So what to do?

Cut it up and re purpose? Yes. Please.

Here's the steps I took to make it!

Using a sack I already had, I placed it over my hoodie to see if I needed to cut off some length. Nope! Perfect! One less seam to finish!

Next I trimmed the sides to the width of my existing sleep sack.  

Then I flipped it inside out, pinned and got ready to sew. 
But before I sewed the sides I marked where the v neck went to, 
and then marked my sides similar for arm hole.

Next I had to figure out the top, I had left the hood but decided against it. 
So I cut and finished my seams there too!

Lastly, I added a small piece of elastic stretched across the back to gather any extra fabric there might be. 

And that's it. One super simple sleep sack!

Have you ever made a sleep sack?  
Share the link in the comments!

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  1. very very clever and inventive! thanks for the inspiration!


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