Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love Sweet Love Guest Post, Our Christmas Card 2011

***Just in case you missed this post last week on Love Sweet Love!***

Hello Love Sweet Love Friends!  
I'm Felicia and I create, cook and play over at All Things Fee!

Thanks Angela for letting me stop by today, and share what I have been Creating for Christmas so far this year! 

 Normally, I am finishing creating, and wrapping my presents at the last moment. But not this year! 
I have to say I have presents done, wrapped and ready, AND made my boys hats and sweaters as photo options for our Christmas card. Which I also have done, and will share the hats here today! 

Here's how I got it all done, hopefully it will help you too!

It all started months ago, when I saw this adorable elf hat for babies.  Knowing I would have a little man ( he will be four months on Christmas day!) I knew I had to have one, or two ( for big brother)!  

Following the pattern exactly for Wyatt's hat,
and then working off of it for Carter's (he'll be three in February!).

In no time I had two adorable hats!
Switching up the colors to traditional red and green, it became the perfect Christmas elf hat!  

Once I finished, I got to work attempting to photograph my boys. 
Man was it hard with two this year!  
And I doubt it will get any easier for a couple years!

After some bribery and treats and tantrums I think we found a winner!

Now, to create the card!  
This was the easiest part, since I was able to get a freebie from My Memories Facebook page a couple weeks back! Just had to insert my photo of choice and send off to get printed. Perfect!  

If you need an easy program to create cards or scrapbook pages in, check out My Memories! It's super simple to work with, and like I said if you like them on Facebook they give out Freebies all the time!
(ordering My Memories? use promo code: STMMMS97848 for $10 off the program, and $10 off in the shop!)

( Please do not use photos of my boys without permission! )

Hope this gives you some ideas to get your Christmas cards started, and finished!

Thanks again Angela for having me come visit!
I've got more Christmas Creations up my sleeve, so I hope some new friends will stop by either on Facebook, or my blog!  I love seeing fresh new faces!


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