Thursday, January 12, 2012

Changing up my signature!

While I updated my blog, I decided that I wanted my signature to be updated too!

Before Update:
After Update:

Want to update your signature?

Originally, I added my signature by using this tutorial.
(Wow, 2 years almost to the day I added my first signature!)

Here's how I updated it:

Created a signature image in Photoshop.
To do this I opened Photoshop, created a new document with the size of 75 pixels high by 150 pixels wide.

Then added my text and heart.

Saved my image as a .png file. ( I also saved it as a .psd for editing too)

Now to get it from my computer to my blog.  
I signed into blogger, opened up a new post. 

Added my image, and centered it ( so that I didn't have to center it everytime I wrote a blog post)
Clicked HTML.
Copied the entire HTML code.

Went back to my dashboard.
Clicked Settings, then Posts and Comments.
Pasted my html code into the Post Template box.

Don't forget to Save settings!

Now, go write a new post, publish and you'll see your new upgraded signature!

**Edited to Add**
If you have any drafts saved before you change your signature, your old signature will be on those.
You will have to manually change them, but any new posts will have the new signature!

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