Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cake Batter Dip!

Here's a little confession of mine. I love to lick the spoon when I bake. But then I think about the raw eggs in it!

Well, for Carter's party I went out on a limb and tried to make Cake Batter dip! And it worked! Really well too!

All you need is frosting, maybe sprinkles and yogurt! 

I had half a container of Buttercream frosting, and half a container of Chocolate in my fridge.
 And you may know I am a fan of dipping, so I had to get rid of them! 

So, all I did was thin them out a little with some yogurt! 
For the chocolate I used two heaping tablespoons of yogurt and mixed until smooth.  
For the buttercream I only used one heaping tablespoon ( there was less frosting to begin with) and I added some sprinkles too!

I dipped animal crackers, graham crackers and pretzels in it at Carter's party. 

Made for a fun sweet appetizer! Both parents and kids enjoyed too!