Thursday, March 29, 2012


If your a Sheldon, or The Big Bang Theory fan, you've heard of Bazinga!

Soon after I had Wyatt I got hooked into the show, and so did Carter!

So for Christmas ( I can't believe I am just posting this!) I made several Bazinga shirts, the first ones for Wyatt, Carter and the Hubs!

Want to make your own? It was pretty easy!

 To make my Bazinga Tshirts, I just used iron on transfers. 

I created the "pow" in photoshop and download a comic book looking font, Bangers. It's a free font!  

Added the word BAZINGA! over the "pow"

Reversed it so that it printed out backwards ( the most important step!)

Ironed and I was done!

Have you ever made any fun tshirts? 
I've been thinking about stitching over the letters so that the letter's don't fade! What do you think?