Friday, March 2, 2012

Lifesavers: Creamy Soup Substitute

When I saw this on Pinterest I knew I had to try it. Especially since I had all the ingredients on hand!

As usual I altered the recipe a bit.  And next time I think I might change it again.

Here's what I changed/did:.

- I added a little garlic powder(a tablespoon, maybe?).

-I used chicken buoillion, and this is what I would change next time. 

It took about 7-8 cubes (I lost count) to make 1/4c like the recipe stated.  Next time I think I will leave the buoillion out, and just add it to the water when I make the actual soup. That way if I am using it with beef I can add beef buoillion, and if its chicken add chicken.  Makes it a little more versatile. Plus I wont have to crush my cubes to find out what makes 1/4 cup. I will just add a cube or two to the water when I am making the soup!

-I've even thought about picking up  some dried mushrooms to add to the dry mix too!

I threw it in my crockpot with some chicken and broccoli and it was a success!
 There was no way to tell that it didn't come from a can!  

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