Wednesday, March 14, 2012


She's finished! It only took two tries, but she is finished! 

Now, to get the guts to wear her in public! I'm funny like that. I feel like she might look "homemade-y" even though I've been told she doesn't! When I wear her, I will get pics, I promise!

I think where I went wrong the first time was the thin ply yarn, and small needles. She was taking me forever. And then I ran into this problem. Oops. So this time I used a worsted weight yarn, and a size 9 or 10 needle and tried her on several times as I went. (I took her off the needles and threaded her onto a random piece of yarn and tried her on).  Definitely glad I did. 

What's on your needles? Hooks?  
I'm working on an adorable beret (more when I'm done!), that reminds me of Mary Margaret's from Once Upon A Time

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  1. Excited to see how it looks! I feel the same way about wearing things I made...I feel so self-conscious about it! I'm sure it looks great though!


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