Thursday, May 17, 2012

Super Hero Sewing: How to

Yesterday I shared what I made for my nephews Super Hero Party. 
Each piece was so simple, I thought I would share how I made each item all at once!

First, this is what I made as his gift:

A Batman cape, complete with bat "points"on the bottom. 
To make the cape, I first cut two pieces of fabric the length I needed.
Then using right sides together, I pinned the heck out of it. It was slippery!
Using chalk, I drew my points on the bottom. The center was the longest. And tapered the sides.
I cut around my chalk lined and sewed around three sides. Just like a pillow case.
Next I flipped it right side out, and ironed away. 
Using each point as a guide, I topstitched from each point to the top. To hold the two pieces in place.
Lastly I made a collar with velcro and sewed them together.

Next I whipped up Wonder Womans crown!

Using a single piece of felt, I folded it in half the long way.
Then I folded it in half the short way, and started cutting my shape.
I started cutting from the tip, and to the sides. I left the bottom attached.
Next, cut and sew your star to the front of the crown.
Measure a piece of elastic so the crown will fit your head.
Slide your elastic in the sides and topstitch all the way around.
Done! Super simple!

For the Wonder Woman Logo:
I printed off the logo from a search, the size I wanted.
Then I placed it under my felt, and started tracing with puffy paint.
Let dry completely.
Cut out ( the picture is before I did!) And either stitch it to a shirt, or safety pin it so it's not permanent.

Next up was Captain America!

To stencil the shirt, I just cut a star out of regular paper, and slowly painted the edge and free handed it.

If you have a more complicated design you can freezer paper stencil it too.
Super simple!

For the no sew cape, I used fleece. Felt would work too.
Just like the bat cape, I started by measuring my length.

Next, I folded it in half, the long way so that I could cut out his neck hole.
Because I wanted it to be a no sew project I cut and oval to make my tails long enough to tie.
And that's it! Again. So fast!

Lastly, little Super Wyatt!

Using my machine and a quote I saw online somewhere I embroidered him a bib.
To make the bib I followed the same steps as the no sew cape! Making it look like a cape and not a bib shape!

What do you think? Could you make these? Aren't they fun?

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