Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What My Pal Sent Me...

I was like a little kid waiting at the candy store, waiting for my package to come. 
The suspense was killing me!

Here is what Jennifer Dawn sent me!

The shirts for my boys are so beautifully made! 
I've made one for a baby shower years ago, but it's always different when you get a handmade gift from someone else.

Super cute, bright yellow earrings ( I've already wore them!)
A beautiful crochet washcloth, again I make these for presents and never keep them. Weird. I know.
And a bunch of little craft trinkets, Carter already stole the super cool animal shaped beads. He plays with them like they are little toys, not beads!

Thank you Jennifer Dawn for being my pal! I love everything in my package!!
(I especially can't wait for the rain to go away to take some beautiful pics of my boys in their matching shirts!)

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  1. I'm so glad that you liked your package. I absolutely loved mine! Glad Carter is enjoying the kid's craft kit.

    Good thing you took pics. I sent the package before remembering to do that. :)


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