Friday, June 22, 2012

Lifessaver Series: Pan Scrub

Just another tip to save you some time, money and frustration!

Today I am sharing a tip that somewhat worked for me, found here. Normally if a tip doesn't work for me I don't share, but this one worked to an extent. And I think if I used it before pan got this bad, and I continue to work at it. It will work.

To scrub your pans make a paste out of:
Baking Soda

(I poured my baking soda over my pan, and then dripped the peroxide on top.  Adding more of each if needed)

Here's my pan before. This pan is used for french fries, chicken wings you name it. 
Normally with a piece of foil, that cleans up most of the grease.  But not all, obviously.

Here it is with scrubbing three times.  A little progress. But very slow.

So my thought is the next time I use this pan I'm going to try using the baking soda, peroxide "paste" when the pan is still warm. And each time I use it the paste hopefully it will get better?

Have you tried to clean your pans with peroxide and baking soda? 

I've seen all over that it works for a bunch of things but I'm not 100% sold yet..