Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Garden Strawberries to Strawberry Cake

This weekend, Carter and I went out to do a "garden check". I water everyday, but we don't look for new growth everyday. So we do a "garden check" to see what's  new!  And we were able to pick a ton of strawberries! Carter declared before we even finished he wanted strawberry cake. So a quick online search found Martha's recipe and we got to work!

I followed the recipe word for word ( I know, strange for me! But it is BAKING and I'm normally a disaster!) and it came out really well. I would guess it's a basic pound cake recipe as it's a very dense cake. My husband actually asked if it was a scone recipe ( which made me think I need to find a good scone recipe!) 

Overall, we would make again but...
After making, I realized that a couple weeks back Lisa over at Pursuit of Happiness shared a Strawberry Cake too ( looks a little less dense than Martha's!) That we will be trying next! 


  1. Haha, I clicked on this and thought it looked a lot like the one I made. Yours looks REALLY good too! I haven't had any strawberries lately and this really makes me want some :)

    1. They look similar but the ingredients are definitely different. I think yours may be healthier too!


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