Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sews: Simple Runners

I love it when things work out! 
So much so that I yelled from the roof tops, okay that' an exaggeration I shared on facebook.
That I was able to sit down, start and finish a SEWING project without a single glitch!
Not a single broken thread, needle, jammed bobbin. Nothing! It felt amazing. Definitely got my sewing itch back!

Now, as for the project. It was a difficult one. 
Just some simple Runners ( or doilies depending on who you ask!)
I was asked to sew these for a little girls room to project the tops of her furniture.

To make, I was provided the measurements and then altered them to make them into the runner.

For example, the nightstand was 12 inches x 24 inches. So I made the runner 10 inches by 34 inches. 
By removing two inches from the short measurement it made them show a little of the nightstand. And by adding 10 inches it will hang over each side by 5 inches.

I took my time and ironed my little heart out. Then with right sides together sewed each side. And clipping each corned. Then ironed some more. Then topstitched.

This might be the best thing I've sewn in a while! No rushing makes a difference!

It took a couple hours to make just three but they came out so cute they were worth it.

Now what should I sew?

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