Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cooks: Corned Beef & Cauliflower Hash

What do you do when your all out of an ingredient, but in the mood for something?

So, I was in the mood for corned beef hash and didn't have a single potato in the house.
But I did have cauliflower. So I gave it a try.
And I was shocked at how it came out!

Definitely fulfilled my craving!

I just eyeballed my proportions, so I don't have exact measurments.  

Start your pan with a splash of oil, and some onion. 
Next, I chopped up some corned beef ( mine was from the deli, so it was pretty thin)
Add corned beef to pan until crisp. 
Add cauliflower to pan ( mine was frozen, so I just defrosted it in microwave quick first)
Fry an egg or two, and your ready to eat!

I'm guessing the cauliflower makes it a little healthier, definitely lower carb than potatoes!

Any recipes you've changed up and improvised and loved?

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