Friday, February 1, 2013

Meal Planning: February 2013

Alright, Folks! Instead of boring some of you with my meal plan every week, 
I thought I would bore you just once a month! 

So here is what I am "planning" on making for the month! 
I would love to make a giant grocery run and only go once. But that will never happen!
Especially since we eat a lot of produce, and would have to buy it weekly. 

As you can see, I decided to organize my meal planning into iCal. This way it's paperless, until I need it. Just a quick click of print, and I can have my plan right in front of me!

In the Orange, is what I "named" our dinners. In Blue, is what I would pick up from the store.

Do you meal plan? A Day at a time? Week? Month?

Need help in where to start? Here's how I started!

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