Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Grows: Our Orchard!

Last year, for my husband and I's wedding anniversary, I gave my husband two Peach trees.
One of the memories he shared early on in our relationship was that of his grandfather's peach trees.
So, I thought trees would be the perfect gift!

Peach trees need to be planted in groups of two or more in order for them to bear fruit. There are self pollinating Peach trees, but I was told by my nursery that I purchased them from that they do not produce as well as when you have more than one. That's why I purchased two (neither of which are self pollinators anyway). 

Both the trees purchased were a couple years old (I assumed) and taller than I! This year they are more than 5 feet tall, so they should bear fruit this year! Fingers crossed we get at least one from each! That's all I am hoping for! Especially since this is what I saw this morning...

Our first flowers! Yea!

Then this year, I gobbled up a great deal through Gurney's nursery!
 One Gold Rush Apple tree for $4.99! 
(This was an email promotion, so sign up for them! I've seen several great deals in my email box!)
I would have gotten two but the sale limited me at one, so we went ahead and purchased a McIntosh tree (at a local nursery) so that our apple trees will bear fruit! 
(Since starting this post, my husband picked up another apple tree! A Jona Mac! I told him no more! Until the back of our property is cleared!)

Now, from what I understand, as long as you have two trees of the same type of fruit (two peach trees, two apple trees, etc) you will bear fruit. But what's great about getting two different types of trees (for example our Gold Rush and McIntosh) we will not only get two types of apples, but they may produce at different times of the year! So we won't be inundated with apples all at once! 

The same goes for other fruits as well, like our blueberry bushes. We have a high bush, and a low bush. Which will produce at different times, and they are known for different qualities. One is known for quantity and the other size. 

Lastly, we only own 1/3 of an acre, so if you think you can't have a garden, or orchard think again! A great resource that I go to a lot is this book, which is all about homesteading on 1/4 of an acre.

Any apple or peach tree tips for me? This will be the first year of producing peach trees, and I doubt we will get any apples... but maybe we will!

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