Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grows: Upcycled Umbrella Part 1

I love when I can find a use for something that otherwise would have ended up in the garbage.
After seeing this, I literally ran out to the shed and pulled our broken wooden umbrella out, and put it in the garden! 

Our umbrella snapped just below where it screwed together, so I just unscrewed the bottom broken piece off, and placed it in the garden. 

As time went on, I added a 6 ft x 6ft square that I made out of furring strips ( 1/2" x 1") just to give the kids a visual boundary! Then using some cotton yarn, Measured and tied off at 1 foot in on each side.  

Since taking this picture, I've added some seeds! 
 Bottom left square:  Beets. 
 bottom rectangle: Swiss Chard
Bottom Right Square: Red Onion
Right rectangle: Nothing yet!
Top right square: Beets
Top Rectangle: Collards
Top left square: Red Onion
Left rectangle: Lettuces

In the very center I added Sunflowers, so they can grow up the middle and be tied to the center pole (that you can't see in the picture because of the angle!) Then at the bottom of each umbrella "leg" I planted beans and cucumbers!

I'm loving this addition to my garden! 
And the fact it was free is even better! 
So, if you have a broken umbrella, don't throw it out! 
I've already been looking for another to add for next year!

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