Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crochets: Stitching together squares...

This post should be titled: 
Crochets: Stitching together someone else's not-so-square squares.

I was asked to stitch together and 90 some year old woman's "squares" into a lap blanket. But once I got the "squares" I realized this was going to be harder than it should be. Here's the problem. No two "squares" are the same. Yikes. And actually not a single one is square, there is no pattern, she just crochets her day away, and when she is tired she ties them off. Which created a pile, that I acquired!

And that's what I had to work with. So, because they actually wanted two blankets, I decided to try to make the first easier than the second and find all the pieces that were similar in size. Then per their request, I used black to "sew" them together.  Sounds simple enough. 

Here is what I have come up with. Not bad for a first attempt 
( Confession#1: I've never made a blanket bigger than a baby blanket.) 
(Confession #2: I've never stitched multiple squares/blocks together.)

All that is left is going around the border once or twice. 
And weave in all those pesky ends. 
Then on to the next one. 
Which is going to be a little more crazy because of all the different sizes. 
Fingers crossed I can make it work!

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