Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grows: Garden Harvest 2013 (End of July)

The garden is so full and green right now!
I am patiently waiting for so many things to be ready for harvest!

The "squash side"

The "umbrella side"

The tomatoes! 
(But only about half of them! Eek!)

As you may know, I created a Harvest Tracker to know just how much we are growing in our garden.
So here is what we've harvested so far!

1 lb 11.5 oz
Not as heavy as I had thought! I was hoping for a good size crop! 
The leafy tops looked so healthy and full, I thought below the dirt was too.
 Oh well. I've got a couple more plantings in so, fingers crossed for those!

1 lb 4 oz.
This could have been a much higher year, but I cut it all back when it was getting eaten by beetles.
So it's just now starting to make a comeback!

15.3 oz
Just two cucumbers were almost a pound! 
I've been weighing basketfuls of greens and they weighed less than that!

9 oz, 4.5 oz and 1.7 oz
Again, I am just not a garlic grower!
I weighed them out in three piles, big, medium and small.
The big and medium we will use, the small (maybe some medium) will get replanted in the fall.

15.7 oz
I am glad I have a second planting of this! It was so good this year. Normally I am not a huge fan!

1 lb 11 oz
This had to be harvested early because of beetles too. 
But also coming back for another harvest!

11 oz
Not sure why these didn't produce better, but I have another planting.
And honestly, they may have produced fine but the boys may be the culprits of why I am not getting much! 

3 lbs 5.4 oz
And it's still growing! I harvest the bigger stems, and let the littler ones keep growing!

Swiss Chard
4 lbs 1.4 oz
This has been our biggest crop! I will be planting and harvesting all my greens like I did the Swiss Chard! I've been able to freeze some, eat some and give some away!

Grape Tomatoes
3.3 oz
These are just starting to turn, and boy is Wyatt excited! He runs in the garden and yells "Tomato?!?"
And checks for red ones!

5.5 oz
Our first and only tomato!
I've got a couple types growing, I know beefsteak and another.
And again, just starting to turn. 
Can't wait!

8.7 oz
These are in the farther part of our yard, and I always forget them.
I didn't plant them, so that's why i seem to forget!
But this year the boys loved them! 
So now I know I can't forget!

4.1 oz
I am so disappointed.
We've had our blueberry bushes for a couple years and
 I know I have gotten more out of them in years past. 
We lost one over the winter and replaced it, but still not as many berries as usual.
I will be pruning and fertilizing them in the fall, hoping for more berries next year.

.4 oz
Another disappointment.
Last year I couldn't keep up.
This year, I've gotten two tiny ones.
But I just read that your supposed to replace your strawberry runners every 3 years!
Maybe that is my problem? 

Any tips for me? 

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