Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Preserves: Processing and Freezing Greens

Is your garden full of greens? So much so you don't want them to bolt or go to seed?
Mine too! So, I did a little research and found out how easy it is to prepare and freeze them!

You can do this with Kale, Collards or Swiss Chard. 
And I've tried it so far with all three greens, and am happy with the results!  

To start, pick your greens from the garden ( or store) and wash them.
To wash, just fill our sink up with cold water and swirl them around. 
I found the longer the better. The dirt and grit will sink, and your greens float.  

You will need to remove the stems, as they will change in texture and flavor once froze.
 I  Pickled my Swiss Chard Stems...And so far everyone who has tried them, loved them! Definitely going to make again! I love when a recipe is a keeper!

While your greens are floating, get some water boiling and a ice cold water bath ready.

Once your water is boiling, throw your greens in. You can do this in batches. 
I did mine for about 2 minutes. Then put in the ice cold  water bath, for 2 minutes. 
Lastly choose your container of choice, and freeze!

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