Friday, August 30, 2013

Organizes: Kitchen Corner Revamp

Ever have a moment where you sick of looking at something, and just go at it?
Yea? That was this corner. It never had a purpose. 
When we bought the house, the door led to a small "walk through" to outside. 
Well. We didn't need three exterior doors, our house is not very big.

So we converted the "walk through" into our pantry. One of our best ideas ever.

For as long as we have lived here (really will it be 7 years? Yikes!)
 I had a small 3 hook thing, that just collected junk. 
Aprons, bags, you name it.
And whatever didn't hang on the hooks, would be tossed on the floor. 
As a family of 5 plus one furry friend, 3 hooks didn't make any sense.

So that's where it all started. I pulled down the 3 hooks, and got to work.
What is most exciting about this revamp. It didn't cost a penny!
 I had everything either hanging somewhere else, or stored away somewhere.

I recently took the board of hooks off the back porch because I added a closet rod instead. 
So I just had the hubs trim it down to size! 
Next I addressed the space above, and my bulletin board fit perfectly! 
Added a piece of art from another wall, and that part of the wall was done! 

Now the little part that is between the door and the corner.
I had the key hook there all along, didn't even move it up or down.
Then I found this piece of stained glass that I believe my aunt made my grandmother. 
So I finally found somewhere to put that.

Then I wanted somewhere to stick an envelope for my coupons.
Dug around and found a plate hanger! How perfect!  

Last thing on this wall is my clipboard with all my meal plans!
 Did you see how I updated my meal planning!? 
It's streamlined so well, I don't think I will have to write another grocery list for a long time!

As for the door, it's still the exterior one from when it went to the outside, and it has a window. 
Odd I know, but we just haven't gotten around to updating our doors...
And I haven't found a curtain I loved for the kitchen either...
So I used my canvas chalkboard to hide the window. Fits perfectly!

I am loving this corner as it functions so well for us! 
No more piles, things falling off hooks and wasted space! 
The boys even know to throw their shoes in the basket when they come in now!

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