Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Preserves: Sauce Versus Soup

This year I grew 73 pounds of tomatoes! Crazy I know!
While I love tomatoes on my sandwiches and salads, 
We just couldn't keep up eating them fresh.
So I knew I had to preserve them in some way.

For me, just canning them wasn't appealing. I'm not sure how I would use them.
So I went with sauce, and put it in the freezer.

But then I was talking to a friend who makes tomato soup, and it hit me! 
Make some tomato soup too!

Curiosity hit me too!
 Soup is defined as a liquid dish made by boiling meat, fish or vegetables in stock or water.
Sauce is defined as a thick liquid served with food, usually a savory dish, to add moistness or flavor.

To make my sauce, I would cut up my tomatoes ( just to get the core out, and maybe in half) and throw them in a big pot with lots of basil, garlic and some olive oil. And cook them down for a while, and then use my immersion blender to puree it. 

Her recipe says to roast the tomatoes, onions and garlic, but since I had already started my sauce, I just added the only ingredient that was different. Broth.

How simple is that? One ingredient, and it thins it out to soup! 
I added about 4 cups chicken broth to my batch, but may add some more next time.
So now, my freezer is full of sauce and soup! Ready for the cooler temps!

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