Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sews: From Too Long to Just Right!

When I signed Carter up for our Library's Summer Reading Program, 
they gave us this great library bag! It's the perfect size for kids books, 
but the handles were way too long.

I thought of a couple different ways to fix this.
Knot them, too bleh

Cut and Bow them. Too girly (for Carter).

 Sew them into a "padded" handle! Just right!

Want to do it to your bags?

Pick how long you want your new straps to be. Sew across.

Take the  loop you created (center of original handle, to your sewn spot) and open it, push center of original hand to your sewn spot. 

Pin and stitch in place!

Repeat on other handle!

Really simple, and I know I have a couple reusable grocery bags that could use this too!

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